Enter a value to any field - the others are calculated themselves. If you change a value in any field, the others are automatically recalculated.
For decimals you can enter either points or commas
as decimal marks (but only one decimal point in a value).

r = m
d = m
O = m
P = m²
V = m³
to 6 digits

The result will be in the units that you enter into the fields.
For example: if you enter kilometres, calculation will be also in kilometres.

If appears an error NaN, check whether you enter to the field
a correct value, ie. without any letters and other characters.


d = 2 × r [m]
O = π × d = 2 × π × r [m]
P = π × d² = 4 × π × r² [m²]
V = 1/6 π × d³ = 4/3 π × r³ [m³]
Sphere formula

d … diameter = 2 × radius

r … radius = ½ of diameter

S … center of sphere

o … axis

π (Pi) = 3,14 (about)

Sphere and Cube

Space/volume diagonal of cube (u3) = diameter of circumscribed sphere
Length of side edge of cube (a) = diameter of inscribed sphere

Calculation of sphere online

Sphere calculator


How to calculate ...

Bold shapes and objects are already in operation. The others contain only a formula.

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